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Kids Need Nourishment
Food Brings Happiness

food4kidz - Panama City, Florida


By utilizing agency food partnerships, FOOD4KIDZ stocks a full-service food bank which includes: meats, fresh produce, breads, dairy items, canned and packaged goods. The primary focus is to provide groceries and supplies—free of charge--to struggling families with children. Groceries are distributed via appointment in a private, confidential manner in order to protect the dignity of the families served. (This is especially important for the children's sake)

FOOD4KIDZ also hosts "mobile pantries" by which more than 100 families at a time are able to shop in their local neighborhoods. Too often reliable transportation is a problem for the families in need. Central locations such as churches and schools are utilized to help serve families.

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Feed A Child

Child Hunger in Bay County

Hunger, for too many children, is not just a temporary discomfort—it’s an incapacitating specter that dominates their every waking hour. Your gift of even $10 will help us put a smile on a few little faces today. We need your help!


Please consider some of the crippling and permanent effects of child hunger.



Let's join together and feed hungry children in our community and end this sad crisis today. Nutrition fuels healthy, happy hearts!

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Get Answers

Please review our most common questions  and answers or learn more about us and this growing community crisis!

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With your help, we can make a lot of great things happen for children that have no voice of their own and need your help today! 

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